A Prayer for Truth [Blog/Prayer]

A Prayer for Truth [Blog/Prayer]

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Lie, Lies.
They are so easy to tell.
They roll off our tongue out of fear.
Afraid that we won’t get what we want,
that we won’t be accepted as we are,
afraid that we are bad or not good enough.
We lie for many reasons.
Blatant lies.
We even lie to ourselves.
We lie about who we are,
how we feel, what we want, and
what really happened.
We lie because it seems easier than the truth.
Lies are less scary.
They don’t require us to stand in vulnerability.
Lies mask aspects of who we are because we don’t know if others
can handle it, let alone if we can.

But the time for TRUTH is here.
It always has been.

The truth is, the essence of who we are is good.
We are created for and with a purpose in mind.
We are worthy, beautiful, creative human beings.
We can handle the truth.
We can hear it, give it, and be it.

God, you know the truth of who we are.
You formed our inmost being.
You created us in a unique way.
You are truth and your spirit connects to our spirit.
Help us to live our truth and live in truth.
Enable us to operate in love instead of fear.
Guide us in accepting ourselves fully, that we may fully accept
the truth in another.
And when the truth feels too hard to bear, encourage us to
live truth anyway.
This we ask, so that we may have a better relationship with
others, ourselves, and you.