6 Things College Students Should Know About Romantic Relationships [blog/article]

6 Things College Students Should Know About Romantic Relationships [blog/article]

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College may seem like the perfect place to find love, but here are 6 things you should know as a college student about romantic relationships.

You will likely not marry your college sweetheart
Although you may be looking for something magical to happen, like in the movies, chances are you will not marry your college sweetheart. There is also a chance that your relationship may not last the duration of your college career. You are still growing and maturing as individuals, so you may grow apart.

A lot of college students simply just want to have sex
This is the first time most young people will have a sense of real freedom. As a result of this new found freedom, college students will be more sexually active. A lot of them will have seen videos on places like www.sexmature.xxx and will try to replicate what they’ve seen online. Both young men and young women may just be out to have a good time physically with no intentions of attachment.

Abstinence is a great choice
Never feel pressured to have sex because it appears that everyone else is doing so. If the person you are dating loves and respects you they will respect your body. Also if you slip up and have sex, USE PROTECTION!!! You do not want to come home with a disease or even a baby. If you want to avoid this all together abstinence is the only way to do so, looking into products over on sites such as Lock the cock and more can enable you to do this much easier if abstinence seems like a good choice for you.

If you are going to hang out with a new love interest make sure a close friend knows where you are
Always have a buddy who knows where you will be or where you are going. Let’s be real, there are some troubled/crazy and just pure evil individuals who seem normal and for whatever reason they lose it/spaz out. Sometimes you will be dealing with people you do not know very well. Take your safety seriously!

Don’t be impressed with material items
Just because someone has a car or a place off of campus doesn’t mean that they will be the perfect future mate. Material Items fade away and they will not sustain you if you want a successful relationship.

Finally college students do not forget to PRAY! Although you are on your own, do not forget to check in with God from time to time for some guidance and protection.

What are some other things college students should know about romantic relationships? Share below!