5 Things I Learned from The Solange and Jay Z Elevator Incident [blog/reflection]

5 Things I Learned from The Solange and Jay Z Elevator Incident [blog/reflection]

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The internet has been buzzing with the Solange and Jay Z elevator incident. TMZ released the security footage and it immediately had the internet in a frenzy. The security footage has no audio but quite a few people have begun to speculate what caused the violent outburst by Solange. Based on some of the responses I have read, here are 5 things I learned from the altercation with Solange and Jay Z.

The Internet Secretly Hates on Successful Relationships

Why is it that the first thought on many of our minds when we saw the video is that Jay Z must have either cheated on Beyonce’ or hit her? According to those of us who believe this, it is apparent that Solange is jumping to Beyonce’s defense. TV talk show host Wendy Williams even rallied her audience as she expressed that she thought Jay Z must have inappropriately touched another woman’s backside while he was walking with his wife at a party. Of course this is all speculation but the audience applauded Solange’s defense of Beyonce’. Maybe it’s because as African Americans many of us are used to turmoil and broken family bonds that we can so easily assume Jay Z has been cheating. I suspect a few of us have a tad bit of hate in our makeup. Come on, be honest, we hate on them a little bit. A hip-hop legend and a Pop icon who are successful individually? Why did they have to get together as a dynamic couple? Some of us will be so happy if they break up, which is problematic in itself. In reality, nobody should ever encourage a broken family, as this can have a serious impact on children as well as couples. However, if divorce does become the only option for a couple, it may be wise to seek out Family Mediation In Macclesfield to ensure that the divorce is not messy and difficult for all involved, especially if there are children involved.

A Woman Can Get a Free Pass When Attacking a Man

I read a response that said “Shame on Jay Z.” I’m baffled by this. Are we giving Solange a free pass for her aggressive physical response because she is a woman? Unless Jay Z hit Solange and she was trying to defend herself, nothing warrants a physical attack. Nothing.

We Love Negativity Especially When it Includes a Fight

TMZ posted the full video on their Youtube channel on May 12, 2014. By May 14th it had over 5 million views.

People Will Risk Their Jobs for a Quick Pay Day

I’m not sure who leaked the video but it’s obvious that they were banking on a big pay day from TMZ. I suspect TMZ had to cut a pretty hefty check for this footage. But that leads me to think that some of us will sell our souls for the right price. Let’s just say this person got a big payday. Its almost a guarantee that he/she will be fired. Once this person’s name gets leaked will this person be able to get another job? I wonder if this was in their thought process.

We Don’t Do Research

After some Google research, I found that in 2008 Solange admitted that she had been diagnosed with ADHD. Those who suffer with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have problems with attention, hyperactivity and even acting impulsively. Also those who have ADHD can also have other associated disorders that include learning disabilities, bi-polar disorder and oppositional defiant disorder. Knowing this maybe Solange is dealing with some serious mental health issues that we do not know about. Maybe we need to be more empathetic in this situation. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming, maybe we need to show concern and care for this situation.

Whatever the case may be, include them in your prayers, famous people need intercession too!

In case you have not seen the video here it is: