Is It Possible To Forgive And Forget? [blog/reflection]

Is It Possible To Forgive And Forget? [blog/reflection]

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Forgive and forget, we hear it all the time. The phrase is used so much you would think that forgiving and forgetting was an easy task. Watch this video as Brooke and Terrell discuss if it is possible to forgive and forget and the dangers of not forgetting.

Is it easy for you to forgive and forget? If so explain how you were able to do so. Has it been difficult for you to forgive and forget if so what do you think is holding you back? Comment Below!


  1. Keiana
    Sep, 02, 2016 5:26 PM

    I really liked this topic. This has been something I always discuss with myself and my tribe openly. Do we really forgive and forget? Ideally, I’m sure as humans we would love to forget any wrong doing or negative experience but realistically that doesn’t happen. I feel as though the most recent step I’ve learned is to extend grace. That helps me reflect but also understand that we all are constantly evolving and aiming to better people. Most of us. So that’s something I keep into perspective.

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