3 Reasons Why Pastors Should Be More Like Jay Z [Blog/Reflection]

3 Reasons Why Pastors Should Be More Like Jay Z [Blog/Reflection]

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Below are 3 reasons pastors should be more like Jay Z:

Jay Z is Creative and Forward Thinking
Shawn Carter, also known as Jay Z, has been one the most trend setting and influential artists of all time. Jay Z has changed the way we listen to music, the way we dress and also giving us aspirations to be entrepreneurs. As church leaders we must continue to remain creative and think outside of the box. If we are still worshiping, conducting services and singing the songs our grandparents did we may find ourselves becoming irrelevant to the young people of today.
Below are 3 reasons pastors should be more like Jay Z

Jay Z is a Strategic Marketer
See the below video for details. If we think sharing the Gospel should not entail creative marketing that appeals to the senses we haven’t read the Bible. Remember this, Jesus appealed to Peter’s (a fisherman) senses by telling him he would make him a fisher of men if he followed.

Jay Z is a Shrewd Entrepreneur
S. Carter inked a deal with Samsung selling them 1 Million Digital copies of his upcoming album for $5 per album prior to the album actually being released. Regardless of what you may think the church is a business. Any book you read on church administration will tell you this. We are also called to be good stewards over the resources God has provided us with. When we don’t manage our church finances wisely we do a disservice to God and the community we serve. We should not only be growing our communities spiritually but we also should provide them great examples of financial stewardship.

To have influence with the younger generation we have to know, understand and engage them where they are. It would serve best if we ingrain ourselves in their culture. Otherwise we’ll never reach them. We’ll just be a talking head on a platform. Remember this, Jesus was ingrained in the culture in which he created disciples. He was not separated nor did he remove himself from it.