2 Lessons From Adopting a Dog [reflecion/blog]

2 Lessons From Adopting a Dog [reflecion/blog]

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Three years ago today we brought our dog Cobee home for the first time from the PG County Animal Management Division. What I hadn’t revealed to anyone is that before we decided to get a dog I heard a voice that wasn’t mine say, “Get a dog.” It was clear as day. So I listened to the voice and Brooke and I decided to adopt/rescue a dog. She was young, playful, and super hype when we got her. We had no clue what we were getting into. I remember that I went out and bought an orthopedic dog bed, some treats, and a collar a couple of days before we got her. I wanted to be prepared for her arrival! I was so nervous about our decision that I recommended that we pray and bless the dog, after all, she was a stray so she could’ve been a wild beast. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical. I wouldn’t be human if I thought everything would be fine. Of course, I had to make sure that I was prepared for any situation. You see, my friend’s dog has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and they decided to try CBD to see if it could make a difference to his symptoms, and thankfully it has. So, she’s told me to have a look at CBD Dog Health, (Visit this website) if our new dog ever has any health problems. That is good to know because as we’re adopting her, we don’t know if she had any prior health problems or how she’d act in general. As we prepared to bless the dog, Cobee sat down in between us and bowed her head.

Love unconditionally, passionately and always
Having a dog has taught me about unconditional love. Our dog shows us love every day with her licks and her excitement. We can step out the house for 10 minutes and we when step back in, it’s like she hasn’t seen us in weeks. Also no matter how much we discipline/correct her actions she never holds a grudge towards us. She expresses her love often and without any reservations. When we first got her, I wasn’t used to the pet hair around the house and it really bothered me. I felt angry towards her at times. But then I read how to get rid of pet hair in carpets and I also realised that she loved me unconditionally and so I should love her back the same.

Have faith in The Master
We feed Cobee twice a day after her walks. Before she eats we wipe her off and we have trained her to wait on the landing until she is called to eat. Often she lays out until called and sometimes she will even dose off. There have been times where I stopped her from eating just to see if she had any food aggression and she’ll wait for me to give her the go to eat. Cobee has faith that that her Master(s) will take care of her no matter what, whether that be by feeding her or by getting her dog pee pads if she needs them for the bathroom trips at night. I have to remember this is the same faith that I have to have in God myself. God has taken care of me so there really is no need to worry, right?

Do you have a pet? If so, have they taught you any lessons? Share below!


  1. Brandon
    Jul, 17, 2014 9:17 PM

    I remember when I had a dog as a child. Although your dog seems to be very well disciplined, the dog I had was a lot more aggressive, however, he did have that same faith that his master(s) would take care of him. Sometimes I have to remind myself that the GOD I serve will take care of me as well…And he has! Great message!

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