10 Reasons You Should Join Us For Theology Thursdays

10 Reasons You Should Join Us For Theology Thursdays

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Starting on June 4, 2015, Brooke and Terrell, through The Opened Box, will hold a weekly Meetup entitled, “Theology Thursdays.” Each Meetup will be held at the Wegmans Market Cafe, in Lanham, MD where we’ll have open dialogue on theology/the study of God, spirituality, spiritual disciplines, The Bible and other spiritual texts.


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  1. The meetup will provide an open dialogue where you won’t be condemned for your beliefs or ideas.
  2. You’ll get to connect with diverse set of people.
  3. You’ll get (some of) your questions answered.
  4. You’ll meet God in a different way.
  5. We’ll explore how God moved and is moving throughout time and history.
  6. You’ll develop the tools to seek and find answers on your own.
  7. You’ll have a place for spiritual growth and religious education.
  8. You’ll probably make some new friends.
  9. We don’t have all the answers but we don’t mind searching for them.
  10. Brooke and Terrell are cool people!