1 Reason Drug Dealers Should Keep Selling [Blog/Inspiration]

1 Reason Drug Dealers Should Keep Selling [Blog/Inspiration]

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The infamous drug dealer. Some of us may know one. Some of us may have dabbled in dealing/pitching ourselves. Often this devious character is glorified by movies such as Scarface, Blow or even television shows such as The Wire. It’s rare that the average church goer will engage the dealer, instead we usually march, yell, demand justice and scream for the banishment of the individuals who are killing or destroying the community.

Despite the dehumanization of the drug dealer by their religious counterparts I would argue that drug dealers should keep selling. Now if you stop reading here you may think I was crazy but hear me out and read a little further.

The reason drug dealers should keep selling is the talents they have are God given. This hustle mentality that you have is not something that is easily manufactured; your drive to succeed and better your situation has been implanted in you by The Creator. You must realize this every day when you wake up. Any skill you have and use to hustle your product is a gift from God.

With that said anyone who sells drugs has perverted their gifts and his hustling backwards. The products you sell ultimately diminish your community and potentially lead to the death of your clients. I would even argue that drugs are placed in urban communities in an effort to suppress brown people (but that’s another blog).

Every talent you have is a gift and should be viewed and treated as such. These gifts you have should ultimately be used for the good of your community. So for example, your hustling abilities and drive can be used toward something that you’re really passionate about or used towards a great business idea. Think about it. To be hustler means you are entrepreneurial. You are a businessman. Create a business that promotes life, not destruction. The disciples did that very thing. They hustled, had drive and were creative in their pursuits of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They used their skill set and gifts to change people’s lives for the better. And you can too. So keep selling. But sell positivity. Sell creativity. Sell hope. God has more in store for you and us all when you do.