3 Questions I have from Kim Kardashian Trying to Break The Internet With Her Butt

3 Questions I have from Kim Kardashian Trying to Break The Internet With Her Butt

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One of the media’s favorite people is at it again. Kim Kardashian has decided to go bare bottom for the cover of Paper Magazine. This particular issue is entitled “Break The Internet”. Now, it would be pretty easy for Kim to break my internet, because the darn thing is so slow that it’s already pretty much broken. I think it’s about time I changed providers to someone like ATT Bundles. But, as for the rest of the world, I’m not sure if Kim’s backside has caused websites to crash and society to be in a frenzy because we are no longer to log on to our favorite sites, but she has drawn some attention to herself. Kim is no stranger to this – she regularly posts revealing photos on her social media, as well as some racy videos on her instagram stories. These are free for people to save or download using this instagram story download app. But this time, she has definitely found a way to get even more attention, just like people on Instagram want to do as well! Some Instagram influencers want to be up there with the Kardashian herself. There is an app for followers that can elevate them on social media, but who knows if they’ll be able to “break the internet” too. With this recent attempt to break the internet I began to wonder about a few things as it relates to how we view and display our bodies. Below are 3 Questions I have from Kim Kardashian Trying to Break The Internet With Her Butt:

Is it ok to sell your body for profit?

Do we value our bodies or do we value our wallets more? It appears in this age that all marketing is predicated on sexual content. Because we are so drawn to sexual imagery it appears that both men and women no longer have a problem unveiling their covered body parts for a paycheck or a little notoriety. Society tells us if you look a certain way or your body is curved a certain way you can earn a living or make a quick buck. Let’s be real, Kim’s derriere will attract attention, trend on twitter and sell magazines.

  • As we flock to this content, here’s what we are telling our young ladies and young men:
  • It’s ok to devalue women and treat them as objects.
  • Worldly success is based on physical beauty.

Does anyone think about the ramifications their actions will have on their children?

None of us really know what type of parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are, so I won’t bash their parenting skills. I do wonder whether or not North West will be ridiculed for their actions though. We all know children can be cruel when it comes to teasing each other. Naked photos and sex tapes will only give the children (and their parents) ammunition to attack. We must remember our children will often stand on the foundation that we have created for them. This can include actions that occurred prior to their birth.

Is the value of art diminishing?

Some will argue that Kim Kardashian’s photo is an “artistic nude”, but with a title like “break the internet”, I’m not sure if we could even call this art. The title alone should let us know that this picture was taken for one purpose to sell magazines not artistic value. Be honest prior to this had you ever heard of Paper magazine?

What do you think about Kim’s attempt to break the internet?


  1. Lala
    Nov, 14, 2014 7:48 PM

    Well, she doesn’t really give a damn about these things. Everyone knows she’s the biggest famewhore ever. She’s an airhead.

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