Theology Thursday 14: Resolving Friendship Conflict

Theology Thursday 14: Resolving Friendship Conflict

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Theology Thursday 14. What an event. A full scale youth service broke out in the Wegman’s Cafe. Well it isn’t what you think. A group of kids got so noisy that we had to pick up and moved while we were live. We still managed a great session.

Watch the video as we discuss how to resolve conflict within your friendships.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep others out, do not triangle people in (unless they are a professional)
  • Pray
  • Think about what you’re really upset about. (Get to the heart of it, not the surface-y stuff)
  • Think about how to clearly get that across. (Write it down first if you have to)
  • Make the first move
  • Begin with your mistakes
  • Be sure your mistakes and disappointments are expressed in an honest and kind manner.
  • Talk about it when it’s somewhat fresh but not so long after that the other person will be disconnected from it.
  • Listen for their hurt perspective
  • Fix the problem, not the blame (attack the issue)
  • Express your unmet need/ Express the emotion that came up during your conflict
    • Find out if your unmet need can be met
  • Consider a mediator if things get too crazy