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Serving The Poor

»There are roughly 8000 homeless individuals in Washington, DC

» 2236 of those who are homeless are children

» Help us serve them

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The Cost

The cost for an individual meal is not as much as you may think.  When we purchased food in bulk we were able to provide a healthy meal for less than $2.00 per person.

The Need

The homeless community is often forgotten on Sunday, the day of worship.  Every second Sunday we choose to serve the homeless community to let them know they aren’t forgotten.


We need individuals who are willing to donate their time, talent and/or or financial resources to serve the community.

How We Got Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet you there to help out?

If you would like to join us on a particular second Sunday email us here  We will provide you with the time, location and particular needs for that week.

Can I bring my own items to pass out?

Yes, please contact us first.  We will provide you with a shopping list.  We do this to ensure the consistency with the items we are providing.

I can’t make it, can I donate money?

Yes!  We are taking donations.  All donations go towards the effort of providing meals and resources for the communities we serve. You can donate by clicking here.

For more information email us at