Benefits of ObamaCare That Have Nothing to Do With The Website [Body/Blog]

Benefits of ObamaCare That Have Nothing to Do With The Website [Body/Blog]

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The media has been bashing the roll out of Although the website has glitches it is not the only aspect of The Affordable Health Care Act. There are a multitude of benefits that have nothing to do with the website. Below you will see a list of benefits that all insurance plans must carry. Also remember because of the Affordable Health Care act you can apply for insurance directly through any health care provider and they cannot turn you down because of a pre-existing condition.

Ten Essential Benefits: A Quick Summary of ObamaCare “Essential Health Benefits”

The new ObamaCare health care law states that health plans offered in the individual and small group markets, both inside and outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace (also called Health Insurance Exchanges), offer “essential health benefits”. Please note that grandfathered plans purchased before the bill was signed into law may not be required to provide these services. Read more information about ObamaCare “grandfathered plans”. This new ObamaCare law should help more people to receive healthcare. Before now, there has been a constant worry that people wouldn’t be able to afford their medical treatment costs. However, it’s becoming more and more important for Americans to now have a good healthcare insurance plan that can help them to cover the cost of treatments. If you haven’t already got your health insurance sorted, it might be worth taking a look at these health insurance quotes to make sure you can afford the treatment if you ever need it.

Starting January 1st of 2014, the following “Ten Essential Benefits” must be included under all insurance plans:

� Emergency services

� Hospitalizations

� Laboratory services

� Maternity care

� Mental health and substance abuse treatment

� Outpatient, or ambulatory care

� Pediatric care

� Prescription drugs

� Preventive care

� Rehabilitative and rehabilitative (helping maintain daily functioning) services

� Vision and dental care for children

Essential Benefits are provided with no out-of-pocket limits to the amount of care you can receive on every insurance plan sold on ObamaCare’s Online Health Insurance Marketplace.

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