Baltimore “Riots”: Stop Judging and Help Out [video/blog]

Baltimore “Riots”: Stop Judging and Help Out [video/blog]

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Everyone has been on edge regarding the mysterious death of Freddie Gray. Gray is a young African American male who died while in police custody after suffering three fractured vertebrae and a crushed voice box. It is unclear and hasn’t been revealed to the public how his injuries were caused.

On April 27th teens took to the streets to express their frustration after being released from school. Some of their demonstrating turned into what some would deem violent outbursts. These adolescents have been referred to as “thugs” by the mayor of Baltimore and even the President of the United States.

Considering that 60% of children in Baltimore City live in single parent homes, 115 Baltimore City residents live in food deserts, and over 30 percent of households in Baltimore City bring in an average income of $23,000 or less, are we being too harsh or critical?

Maybe we’re missing an opportunity to do something great. Watch the video as I share my thoughts on what we should be doing instead of being so critical of the teens.

Should we be judging the young people in Baltimore or are we missing our opportunities to help?

Posted by The Opened Box on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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  1. Mary Burrell
    May, 02, 2015 1:00 PM

    Food deserts that is a new word to me. In urban areas where poor people can’t get fresh affordable food. The way our lexicon is rapidly changing.

    May, 02, 2015 3:24 PM

    There are a lot of hurting people in Baltimore. Some folks just make it an obsession to criticize the youth instead of seeing information about the conditions that contributed to the problems of Baltimore in the first place. I commend anyone in Baltimore contributing their talents in helping of others. We have to listen to young people too, because readily the youth outline the revolutionary spirit. This is a fight for improving housing, fighting poverty, in establishing great education for all, ending police brutality, growing health care, and forming other real solutions. The Golden Rule is a preeminent concept that we embrace as human beings. Therefore, we should not only condemn evil. We should be the light of the world and do some good in the world.

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