2 Reasons I’m Getting Better Rest [blog/body]

2 Reasons I’m Getting Better Rest [blog/body]

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Anyone that knows me, knows I love to rest.  Over the past few months, when school started, I began to feel extremely tired.  I have been so tired even juicing has not been giving me energy.  My sleeping pattern somehow became out of wack.  In an effort to become more well rested I started doing 2 new things.

1.  I eliminated wasted time during my morning routine
After listening to a few Tim Ferris interviews I decided to apply his concept of eliminating waste to my morning routine. Instead of ironing in the morning I took 30 minutes out of one evening to iron 2 weeks worth of dress shirts eliminating the need to iron in the morning. Next I decided to be sure all of my items were packed and ready to go as opposed to getting them ready in the morning. As a result of the early preparation I could wake up 30 – 40 minutes later. So over a 5 day period I gained 150 – 200 minutes of sleep. If you do the math you see this can add up to a ton of gained rest over time.

2. I started to do Yoga before I went to bed.
Because I was feeling tense before I went to bed I figured I needed to stretch prior to crashing for the night. I remembered some yoga poses from 10 Minute Trainer and began to do those prior to going to bed. Amazingly I sleep through the night and my dreams were more vivid. According to some yoga trainers, those who take yoga classes in the evenings have said that as a result of the classes they receive better sleep.

These methods have worked so good I did not take a nap this weekend and that was a miracle indeed.

Do you get good rest? If not what steps are you taking to ensure that you get the appropriate amount of sleep?